I believe that even everyday rituals like a morning cup of coffee should be enjoyed from a wonderful piece of artwork pretending to be a cup, that touch and feel are just as important as how something looks, and the integrity of a piece lies in the truth of why and how it was made.

Tammy Milani

The story of

Tammy Milani

Although I studied theater in college, growing up in the restaurant business and watching my mother and father craft elaborate Middle Eastern feasts and present them with flair, inspired me to create my handmade tableware series.

I remember weekends in my father’s restaurant with all of my family and extended family cooking, eating and just enjoying our time together. All of the chefs in my family would gather in the kitchen and attempt to prepare their best new dish or an old favorite command performance. Competition was stiff considering almost everyone in the family was in the business.

There were times, even as a young girl, that I was struck by how beautiful those moments were, from the light in the room, to the glorious smell and of course the love. I remember sitting back and looking at the picture of the long table filled with food and family and thinking that everything is so perfect and beautiful, it’s a shame the plates and platters don’t seem to reflect the love and artistry that went in to their contents. They should be as beautiful as this moment and one day when I grow up I’ll design my own.

Today, my favorite moments in life are still the same. Now it is my kitchen that is filled with family, friends and yes, some of the same “know-it-all” chefs and now even some classically train ones. Except, now when my table is full of the glorious light of the people I love, the plates and platters sing with the same sound of joy as the art it carries.”



Started having babies and decided to not pursue an acting career


My amazing husband gifted me with a new kiln and potter’s wheel because I mentioned I needed to create and I loved working with clay


Started Milani Tableware at the High Point Furniture Market. And spent the next year and half in my studio bent over the wheel making product and filling the orders from the market. Whew! I think I had clay in my hair for two years. Met a lady at that market that introduced me to a factory in Peru that would hand make my designs


Received the first shipment from Peru and wholesale orders started coming in from all over the country


Reached worldwide status woohoo!!


Economy takes a down turn but we keep hoping it will turn around soon. Hope is not a strategy


Still hanging on despite the economy. Finalist for the home furnishings arts award


Stopped importing my designs and selling wholesale. Started making them again in my studio and selling directly to consumers. Signed a licensing agreement with Home etc.


Spent several months studying sculpture in Florence Italy with the renowned sculptor and teacher Antonio de Tommaso


Honor to be included as one of the many North Carolina artists at The Gallery at Grandover


New work, new focus, new website

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Where To Find My Work

Currently, all work can be viewed and purchased at Grandover Resort in their store.

Grandover Resort:

1000 Club Road
Greensboro, NC 27407


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