Large platters and bowls speak of the festive evenings of warm food prepared for family and friends is where my love for cooking and tableware design began. My inspiration as an artist began in my earliest memories.  Although I studied theater in college, growing up in the restaurant business and watching my mother and father craft elaborate Middle Eastern feasts and present them with flair, inspired me to create my handmade tableware series.  I remember weekends in my father’s restaurant with all of my family and extended family cooking, eating and just enjoying our time together. All of the chefs in my family would gather in the kitchen and attempt to prepare their best new dish or an old favorite command performance.  Competition was stiff considering almost everyone in the family was in the business. There were times, even as a young girl, that I was struck by how beautiful those moments were, from the light in the room, to the glorious smell and of course the love.  I remember sitting back and looking at the picture of the long table filled with food and family and thinking that everything is so perfect and beautiful, it’s a shame the plates and platters don’t seem to reflect the love and artistry that went in to their contents.  They should be as beautiful as this moment and one day when I grow up I’ll design my own.

Today, my favorite moments in life are still the same.  Now it is my kitchen that is filled with family, friends and yes, some of the same “know-it-all” chefs, minus my beloved father, and even some new chefs in waiting, vying for the stove stage.  Except, now when my table is full of the glorious light of the people I love, the plates and platters sing with the same sound of joy as the art it carries.  I am grateful that I have had the opportunity to share my ideas about tableware for so many years.  So, now lets talk about the art of Mediterranean food.   Eat, drink and share the passion.