Mona Collection

This collection may have an urban look, but the unglazed polka-dotted exterior gives this group a rustic feel. I designed the hand-thrown pieces with bright color-glazed interiors and a black unglazed exteriors with carved circular shapes.

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If Pigs Could Fly

Whimsical pigtail handles with colorful interiors and geo patterns. Small bowls available in turquoise, red, orange, pistachio, purple and yellow. Large bowl available in turquoise, red and pistachio.

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Ralph Cups

Horizontal stripes may not flatter our figures, but they flatter these unglazed cups. Available in pistachio, yellow, red, purple, turquoise and orange.

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Silver Sky Cups

Whether you fill them with chamomile, cabernet or milk, these cups mold in your hands. Available in pistachio, yellow, turquoise, orange, purple and red.

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Verona Collection

Black and white stripes, dots, harlequin and scroll patterns are accented with pistachio interiors.

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These signature pieces started it all! The harlequin design is accented with platinum handles and accents.

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Cut Glass Cups

Carved cups are inspired by antique cut glass. Available in pistachio, turquoise, orange, purple, yellow, red, black, baby blue, white and toast.

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Swirled free-form plates are designed to coordinate with the entire Milani Home collection. Mix and match these colorful plates. Available in pistachio, yellow, turquoise, white, red, black, purple, baby blue, toast and orange.

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Shadowleaf Collection

You will love the contrast between the rough unglazed exterior black and white bowls and smooth pistachio interior.

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