See a gallery of archived collections from Milani Home Ceramics. These products are no longer available for purchase, but will help you get a better sense of our work!

Athena Collection

It has been said that the Gods of ancient Greece set Goddess Athena against the God Poseidon. Which ever could present the most precious gift to the citizens would have the new city built in their name. Poseidon struck the earth with his trident and produced a horse. Athena struck the earth with her spear and an olive tree grew. Athena was named victor hence the name of the city Athens.  The olive branch was seen as a symbol of peace, faithfulness, health, security, wisdom and from the dawn of time as the “tree of life” and a gift from heaven. Today an ancient olive tree still grows where the legend took place.  

Each piece in the Goddess d’Athena gallery represent not only the wisdom and peace of Athena but the power and strength of Poseidon as well, the ultimate balance of the male and female.  Ancient wisdom coupled with modern style create balance and beauty.  May the pleasure of drinking and eating from a vessel of meaning lend a moment in your life that creates whatever you desire in that moment.

Milaniware Gallery

Swirled free-form plates are designed to coordinate with the entire Milani Home collection. Mix and match these colorful plates. Available in pistachio, yellow, turquoise, white, red, black, purple, baby blue, toast and orange.


This collection may have an urban look, but the unglazed polka-dotted exterior gives this group a rustic feel. I designed the hand-thrown pieces with bright color-glazed interiors and a black unglazed exteriors with carved circular shapes.


These signature pieces started it all! The harlequin design is accented with platinum handles and accents.


Black and white stripes, dots, harlequin and scroll patterns are accented with pistachio interiors.

Shadow Leaf

A graduated series of elegant nesting bowls, The Shadowleaf Collection features the design in five versatile sizes ranging from 12” in diameter for the largest bowl to 6” for the smallest bowl which can be used as a nesting bowl or an everyday cereal bowl matched with Milaniware plates to create astunning, coordinated tabletop.

If Pigs Could Fly

The whimsical handles helped create the name “If Pigs could Fly”. It is the perfect blend of the sophisticated and the fanciful. Great for elegant entertaining or adding a touch of whimsy to a too-serious tabletop.

Sky Cups

Whether you fill these curved handmade cups with chamomile, cabernet or milk, the beauty and touch of the design in your hands will be as enjoyable as its contents. 

Cut Glass

These carved cups are inspired by antique cut glass.  

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