You know those times you are in a frenzy with a thousand To-Do’s, guests in your house, a large dinner party to plan, deadlines at work and no one can help you because it’s all in your head and the only way to get it out is to do it yourself?  Oh, and it’s the holidays. Yea well. It happens to me every year and every year I tell myself I’ll never do it again.  And every year I find myself wondering what happened to that promise. This table was born from that frenzy.  I needed an impressive table for my fabulous over-the-top, overachieving, professional chefs/bunch of psychologists dinner club. Whew! A simple bunch of flowers wouldn’t do for this group and I didn’t have the time to hunt-and-gather shop.  So I hunted and gathered from my own closets, kitchen cabinets and old holiday things.    It turned out so good I thought I’d share.  Just in time for your very own frenzy.

Start off with a table covering.  I used burlap my favorite texture of choice.  Then start to build a platform to build a little height and interest to the table.  I used an oval tray and filled it with oasis and stacked the center piece the highest.

Cover the oasis with different shades of moss. (hmm new book?)
Start layering your treasures on the platform and around and down the table to create an elongated spill on your table top.
The pearl Christmas tree is a simple foam form with varying sized bulk pearls hot glued and rolled on. Easy.  The left over pearls and beads were nestled in a glass lidded jar.
Moss covered tree is just as simple. Hot glued moss wrapped with wire, pearls and clear beads.
The theme of this dinner was coexist hence the christmas trees, dreidels and gelt.
The Snow Babies were a gift and I’ve never known what to do with them until now.  Love the little one kicking the star.
Butter and cheese cloches filled with holiday bling.
Keeping with the color palette, silver chargers and white plates welcome guests.
Wrapped white cotton napkins in a strip of burlap tied with raffia and babies breath finish the look.

Happy Frenzy!!

2 thoughts on “Happy Frenzy Table Setting”

  1. You are a genius, sweet girl. Keep that creative mind of your going. I loved the elegance you created using ordinary things–wish I could do that!!
    Love you!

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