Much like many newlyweds of my generation, when I first got married, I spent a lot of time in the kitchen trying to find my bearings and pretend I knew what the hell I was doing.   My mom and cousin were on speed dial for traditional Lebanese food assistance and just basic technique direction. There were so many opinions in my family about how and what to cook I found myself struggling to develop an approach for my tastes and style.  One time in particular I remember having a craving for the chicken kabobs my cousins served in their restaurant.  I didn’t have their recipe but I really wanted something a little more crunchy and garlicky.  Milani Chicken Kabobs were born.   Even though I didn’t stray very far from home and tradition, my first original concoction has stood the test of time.  It’s a favorite of my family and friends and in permanent rotation in our household.  It also fueled my confidence as a young cook and opened the door for more experimenting in the kitchen.

My son Oliver loves the brown, crunchy bits of garlic the best  He comes behind me and scapes every last morsel from the pan.  If you don’t let the garlic get really toasted and brown then this recipe will just be another chicken dish.  Let it brown and then let it brown a little more.  Just like the pictures.  xoxox

4 boneless breast of chicken
One head of garlic mashed with a mortar and pastle
Juice of one lemon
1/2 C olive oil
2 heaping tablespoon dried oregano
Salt and pepper to taste

1. Mash the garlic with a mortar and pestle

2. Cut the chicken in cubes. Add all ingredients and mix.

3. Spill into a hot non-stick pan and sautéed to coat each piece.

4.Reduce the heat and allow the chicken and garlic pieces to brown.

5.Stirring occasionally.

Not ready yet. Almost!!

This dish is done when the garlic is brown and crunchy and each piece of chicken is a caramel color at least on one side.

Now it’s done!!

Great on the paleo diet wrapped in lettuce.

For the non-paleo diet See below

Wrap in some pita and topped with cucumber dressing, lettuce, onion and tomatoes and life is good!!  Need a video?  click here

Cucumber Dressing

2 C shredded cucumbers
2 C Sour Cream
2 1/2 teaspoons garlic powder
1 1/2 salt

Shred cucumbers and lightly squeeze out excess water. Add all ingredients mix and enjoy!  Sahtain!!

6 thoughts on “Milani Chicken Kabobs”

    1. Thanks Nancy. That M&P is one of my favorite possessions because of it’s sentimental value. Bought it from one of my very first and favorite clients. He had the coolest kitchen store in Raleigh. Sadly his shop closed right after the crash and he took his life a couple of years ago. He was an amazing chef. Went to culinary school and every time I use the M&P I think of him and all the great conversations we had about food.

  1. Hi Ronnie,
    Get one! 🙂 Just kidding. I’ve found myself in that situation before and believe it or not, I went outside and found a smooth rock that fit my hand and washed it with soap and water. Rinse well and use the rock to smash the garlic on a wooden cutting board carefully keeping the garlic from shooting off in all directions. Works perfectly! Let me know how it goes.

  2. i just made this and it did not turn out well… i halved the recipe but there was still a lot of oil left over and i couldn’t tell if the garlic was browning until it was burnt
    :(. i did it all over medium heat – think it was too high?

    1. Shannon, sorry for the delay. My notifications were off. I know its been awhile but I’m responding anyway. The garlic does get pretty brown and almost burnt. And, yes I simmer it on low until it turns brown. Hope this helps.

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